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Artyli.com is situated in the epicentre of South African business, in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg.  We exhibit and sell artwork created by emerging and mid-career artists, contemporary African artists. We specialize in Original Artwork, as well as Limited Edition Prints. We aim to facilitate the opportunity for African Contemporary Artists, making their work discoverable and affordable, by showcasing exceptional artwork for sale on our digital platform as well as in our gallery. Because we believe that our artists should have a global audience, we have created our own digital platform that showcases contemporary artwork and can be purchased online through a secure platform. Combined with reliable and safe shipping partners, we are able to deliver anywhere in the world, all work is delivered with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, Artyli.com has ongoing exclusive online exhibitions on artsy.net.

Our Team

Meet our team!

Artyli is a gallery built by artists for artists! Our Artyli team is made up of a successful and skilled individuals in their own right, whose dedication and enthusiasm for both art and artists, is evident in the ongoing commitment to making Artyli.com a relevant, exciting and successful gallery. The core Artyli.com team are based in Johannesburg, from where the Artyli.com engine is run.

Karen Tearnan Cullinan smiling

Karen Cullinan

CEO & Founder

Karen is the CEO of Artyli.com, as well as the CEO and business owner of Singing Palette Art Co.
Karen has a B.Tech Honours in Fine Arts from U.J. and is also a practicing artist, whose artwork can be found in many different collections.

Lynette van Tonder Artyli.com

Lynette van Tonder

Associate Curator

Lynette van Tonder is a full-time visual artist and associate curator for Artyli.com. She is based in JHB, South Africa and obtained a graphic design diploma from the Pretoria Technikon (TUT).
In 2014, she completed an Honours degree in Fine Arts from University of Johannesburg.

Michelle Fernie smiling

Michelle Fernie


Michelle has over 30 years experience in business administration, and assists Artyli.com with financial and business administration.

Aimee Cullinan

Gallerist Assistant and Art Consultant

Aimee is a gallerist assistant and art consultant at Artyli.com. Aimee has had extensive mentorship under CEO and Artist Karen Cullinan, about the artists and artworks we have on offer and is constantly upskilling herself to provide you with the best experience possible. She is well immersed in having the customers best interest at heart and geared towards helping customers find an artwork they love.

Our Founder Says…

We are thrilled and excited about artyli.com, about the opportunity it releases for both artists and collectors. By having more than one platform for both exhibitions and sales in our gallery model, we are able to reach a broader market. We cater for the seasoned collector as well as younger and newer collectors.

We are solving problems in the marketplace, the first problem is that artwork is often unaffordable, especially for younger collectors, by creating an affordable limited edition print gallery, we assist younger newer art loves to kick start a collection of artworks. This solves a second problem for the artist. The life of an artist is like a landscape strewn with challenges and obstacles. Creating artwork, is about digging deep into yourself, to deliver thoughts and stories, in new and exciting ways, often not knowing when you will sell your work. Every artist exhibiting here, and others that are coming on board, has had the courage to rise to this challenge. By creating both an original and a limited-edition print gallery, our artists can make income on the original as well as passive income through a stream of limited edition prints so that they can keep creating beautiful pieces.

Karen Tearnan Cullinan smiling

Karen Cullinan

CEO / Founder

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