Frans Thoka


Frans Moshimanyana Thoka (known as Frans Thoka) is an emerging contemporary talent, who was born in 1997 in Polokwane, Limpopo Province, South Africa. He obtained his BA in Visual Art from the University of Johannesburg.  His work revolves around the concept of what is humane; “his belief in the shared and universal nature of our common humanity”. Through his work, he subverts inequality in ‘human’ interaction and reinforces the need for dignity and kindness. His artistic approach reflects the trials and hardships of his upbringing. He uses Prison blankets as his medium, which emphasizes the bare necessities available to the marginalized in society, and reminds the onlooker of the reality of the marginalized. “The medium is central, not only to Thoka’s iconography but to the social impact of his work.” 

Kopano(ng), Godart Gallery (Joahnnesburg), 2022
Dinyakishisho, Millennium Art Gallery, Turbine Art Fair (Johannesburg), 2021

Africa in Context/Pulse “Exploring the themes of ‘THINGS FALL APART’”, Constitution Hill
(Johannesburg), 2022
Ndoimadzi, Botho Project Space (Johannesburg), 2021
Batho le Naga: the land and the people, The Viewing Room Gallery (Pretoria), 2021
At Work, Gordart Gallery (Johannesburg), 2021
Open Studio Exhibition, Nugget Square (Johannesburg), 2021
Final Year Student Exhibition, University of Johannesburg, FADA (Johannesburg), 2020
‘Winter Show’, Gallery at Grande Provence (Cape Town), 2020
University of Johannesburg’s Best of the Best, Gerard Sekoto Gallery (Johannesburg), 2019
‘Spring Show’, Gallery at Grande Provence (Cape Town), 2019
Parkview Art Exhibition (Heritage Day), Parkwords- Parkview Literary Festival (Johannesburg), 2019
Art of Dining (Winter Collection), ZIO La Famiglia (Johannesburg), 2019
‘Ke Nako’, AGOG Gallery, 2019
‘Winter Show’, Gallery at Grande Provence (Cape Town), 2019
Breaking Down Walls, Association of Arts Pretoria (Pretoria), 2019

Limpopo Annual Artist Exhibition, Polokwane Art Museum (Polokwane), 2018
University of Johannesburg’s Best of the Best, Gerard Sekoto Gallery (Johannesburg), 2018
Sacred Place of Belonging, Gaslamp Gallery, (Johannesburg), 2018
Sasol New Signatures 2018 Finalists, Pretoria Art Museum (Pretoria), 2018
Self’, University of Johannesburg (APB Campus- Johannesburg), 2017

Vodacom Durban July 2019 International Show, Greyville Race Course (Durban), 2019

Mail & Gurdian, “Art and big business: the best of bedfellows” (1 July 2022)
News24, “Considering ‘Happiness Ever After’, how do artworks get into movies?” (22 Nov 2021)
GQ Magazine, “Botho Project Space: Meet the 7 young artists for ‘Ndoimadzi’” (27 May 2021)
Rapport Newspaper, “Nóú kans vir goeie kuns” (22 August 2020) (Page 15)
African Politics and Policy international newsletter (Issue 35)

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