Jane Digby


Jane Digby is proudly South African, she lives with her husband Stuart and her two daughters on the east coast in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.  It is a magnificent part of the world, lusciously green, where sugarcane fields roll towards the Indian Ocean and the weather is balmy most of the year.  Warmed by South Africa, the majesty of the land, her people with strong cultures and traditions, Jane is intrigued by her daily encounters and experiences, drawn to paint the “stories” she is fortunate to witness.

For over 20 years Jane has have been developing her own painterly language through portraiture and atmospheric scapes. Jane`s artworks are a cultural dialogue that concerns larger contextual frameworks such as personal and cultural identity, family, community, nationality, and a journey with her physicality and spirituality.

Jane is a prolific contemporary artist, continually exhibiting her works. She has exhibited in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Johannesburg, and Durban for many years.  In October 2019, she participated in the XIIth Florence Biennale, Italy, following the interest from this she is now working on a new series for international exposure.

In August 2019 Jane held 2 solo exhibitions titled “A Hymn to Her” and “If Not Now, When?”.    Both exhibitions celebrate life and living in the NOW.   A Hymn to Her is an installation exhibition which reflects her response to breast cancer and chemotherapy, she created artworks between the tsunamis of treatment.  This “installation” creates awareness of the prevention of breast cancer and is an almost interactive experience for viewers, giving them a positive insight into the journey, however, raw, honest, and exposing.  

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