Jemmiro was born in Mozambique as Belmiro Antonio Jemusse on March 16, 1976. He moved to South Africa in 2003 to practice as a full-time artist and to escape what he describes as “limitations in Mozambique” art scene. He studied drawing, painting and printmaking at Artist Proof Studios in Johannesburg and privately in Port Elizabeth. He has participated in a number of solo and curated group exhibitions. He has produced a number of art series: Africa, Back to the Future, Fragments, Finding The Inner Child, Supermom, Under The Moonlight (which was featured in a solo exhibition in 2012), Saudade and recently Dreams and Shadows. His artworks are characterized by myth, humour, nostalgia and inquisitiveness. Jemmiro’s artworks can be found in collections across South Africa, Mozambique, USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Germany, France, Dubai and many other countries.

Jemmiro painting

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