John Moore


John Moore is a Master Printmaker and Fine Artist whose affinity for the mystical is brought to life by his technical mastery of printmaking techniques which include etching, linocut, lithograph, woodblock and mezzotint. John Moore is equipped with small, medium and large printing presses and lots of surface space enabling the creation of small or large artworks, which are printed up on one of South Africa’s largest printing presses. John is the resident artist for Rex the Rhino Conservation Foundation. This is a non-profit organisation which cares for and protects rhino orphans. This collaboration has fulfilled a long-time dream to become actively involved in conservation. John has created a series of 6 Rhino works for the exclusive use of the  foundation. John shares his passion for art by teaching short courses in print techniques and drawing to adults, students and children at John Moore Art Studio. He also offers Masterclasses and Internships to artists wishing to learn about the different printmaking methodologies. John communicates on a mystical level with nature and allows the animal/s he is using in his images to open a dialogue with him, expressing information needed to be shared with the human world. John works with myths, legends and archetypes to act as a bridge between man and nature. John work is both hyper-real and surreal at the same time. He either works in black and white, silver and gold, or vivid color, depending on the story and animal portrayed in his work. John is also an accomplished Charcoal, Pencil and Pastel artist and uses a variety of media to bring his visions into reality through his unique imagery.


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Original Artwork

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