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Southern Africa has a long history of conservation and of its various peoples living mostly in harmony with nature and with the extraordinary diversity of its fauna and flora. It is an unforgettable experience for those who have been into the wild and have had a unique experience of Africa through their magical encounters with the animal kingdom. These unique sculptures created by Love Art Ceramics capture the many stories of an untamed Africa, which is a celebrated part of African culture.


Love Art Ceramics is a collective of four South African ceramic artists who work together to create unique collectable sculpture pieces. Zinhle Nene is the lead ceramic artist, having honed her skills over numerous years creating sculpture, working in conjunction with Jabu Nene, Winnie Mchunu and Zipho Ntshalintshali.


The process of creating hand sculptured ceramics is intricately technical and includes various techniques. Once the sculpture form has been designed through sketching, the clay is prepared, moulded, and carved. This is a time-consuming process which could a few weeks. During this process one must manage the plasticity of the clay by keeping the ceramic piece moist throughout the process of creation. Once the sculpture has been completed, it is allowed to dry – by managing the temperature and humidity of the studio environment, the clay sculpture is allowed to dry slowly, which prevents the sculpture from cracking. From here the piece goes through a succession of various glazing, skilful painting and firing processes over several days to complete the sculpture.  


These earthenware ceramic sculptures are inspired by the sculptor’s relationship with and interpretation of the diversity of African fauna and flora. The works that are produced by Love Art Ceramics are a playful combination of vibrant colours and patterns found in the natural world and the organic forms and movement of the animals of Southern Africa. 

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