Ludumo Maqabuka


Born in Umtata, Eastern Cape, Ludumo Maqabuka now resides and works as a full-time urban contemporary artist in Johannesburg. He obtained a National Diploma in Fine Art at Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, in 2007 and in 2009 exhibited his first solo collection, +27, at Design Cafe in Pretoria. He has prticipated in many group exhibitions to date.

Maqabuka’s urban contemporary art highlights the intersectionality created at the juncture where contemporary street art meets daily life in urban Africa. His work is thought provoking as it interprets South African society with its complexities within a framework of popular culture. Maqabuka invites you to explore current themes through a liberated visual language expressed in the boldness of Pop-art style images juxtaposed against surfaces of detailed inscribed mark making. His presonally evolved spontaneous processed surfaces create a unique graffiti type of abstract expressionism.

In 2018 Ludumo participated in the Nando’s Creative Exchange, administered by Spier Arts Trust, this program creates mentoring opportunities for artists to develop their creative narratives and build thriving professional art practices. Spier Arts Trust values the cultural contribution of art to South Africa’s creative economy through freedom of creative expression in order to bring about transformation.

Ludumo’s art intends to conscientizing audiences while celebrating his culture and heritage. He dreams of traveling and exhibiting his work worldwide as an artistic ambassador for South Africa.

Limited Edition Print

Original Art

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