Marina Louw


Marina Louw started out as a fashion designer after having obtained her degree in clothing design in 1981. She owned a small clothing factory, with her own label, ‘Soleil’, working closely with boutiques during the 80s, providing them with ranges of her creations.

Painting and art-making were always a passion, and she became a full-time artist somewhere during the 90s. She sold her work in galleries and took part in numerous exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions. She is a self–taught artist who believes in exploration rather than education. She works mainly in acrylics, but also in mixed media, adding photography and charcoal to the mix, resulting in what could be called photographic art. She teaches painting to like-minded students at her studio in Pretoria.

She attended the art residency in Paris, “Cite Internationale des Arts” for the first time in 2001 and since then she spends time there as often as her life allows. She feels that breathing the air in Paris is the best art education she can get.

In later years, jewelry making became part of her process as an ever-evolving artist. She describes her jewelry style as handmade ‘fine art jewelry’ rather than contemporary. She works with precious metals combined with natural elements and believes that a piece of jewelry should be approached in the same way one approaches a painting – by exploring everything the medium allows you to.

Marina Louw sitting in a chair and smiling

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