Sanusi Olatunji


Sanusi Olatunji was born in Yoruba, Ejigbo in Lagos, Nigeria. Although he was the only artist in his family and grew up in a town where art was not well received, Sanusi was not dissuaded from pursuing his dream of becoming an accomplished artist.

After receiving a Diploma in art from the Yaba college of Technology in Lagos, Nigeria, he worked full-time as a studio artist while furthering his education in the area of industrial techniques. Sanusi is currently living in South Africa and believes that while Nigeria provided him with an opportunity to explore ideas, South Africa is providing him with the opportunity to follow his dreams.

Practicing his art and exhibiting throughout Africa has been an uplifting experience, and he’s looking forward to taking on the world! He has discovered a love for working in several mediums, but paper and fabric collages has been his most favorite. He sees it as a form of up-cycling which he titled: Waste is wealth.

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