Shelley-Anne Graham


Shelley-Anne Graham (NH dip FA) is a mixed media artist working from the seaside town of Nelson Mandela Bay. Shelley-Anne knew from the first moment she could recall that she wanted to be an artist. Everything else paled in comparison. She studied Fine Art at PE Technikon and went on to teach art in PE, Cape Town and Britain for 18 years. This was a safe career path, but one that did not feed her soul. Risk-taking was never part of Shelley-Annes`s vocab, but that all changed in 2016 when her life as she knew it disintegrated. In short, it took her being widowed, with two young boys in tow that finally led her to be brave enough to pick up a paintbrush fulltime.

The very human emotions of loss and hope form the essence of Shelley-Anne`s work. Loss, however, not as an endpoint but as a means to reassess one’s life. Through both her life and her art, Shelley-Anne aspires to remind you that this existence is fleeting. Your story, your dreams, unrepeated in all time. Those dreams, big or small, need setting in motion. You have but one chance. No regrets. Do what matters. What really matters.

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