Simon Venter


My ambition with my art is to create something that is true to who I am as a person. This means that my work aims to be honest and insightful. I do not aim to create something that I think is ‘original’ when in reality it is merely an indecipherable mess. As a painter I am self-taught, the only formal training I have is that which I received during my high school years. This meant that a lot of the knowledge and skills I have acquired has been the result of trial and error and seeking advice from books and online sources (often artists who share their experiences).

Jumping into the deep end has given me great experience when it comes to selling my work and adapting my style (as hard as that is as we all want to do it our own way). This experience has taught me to push my creative boundaries while picking and choosing from the various trends or movements that are current. The subject matter that most excites me is portraiture.

Although it is often seen as something stuffy and old fashioned, I find it to be one of the most invigorating and refreshing areas in which to work. For the simple reason that at a time when the individual person can seem to be lost in all the chaos, a portrait telling one person’s story has the power to refocus our own point of view and see ourselves and our loved ones as individuals with great meaning. There is not a whole lot I can definitively say about myself as an artist, or my body of work for that matter. I am pleased with the trajectory, but I know that both my work and I, am ever evolving, and it is a journey I have enjoyed thus far.

Original Artwork

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