“EarthSong” at Artyli Gallery

“The effect that human beings are having on the natural world is profound. Because we are out of touch with the natural world… most of us don’t see the effects.” Sir David Attenborough

We live in a time when human beings are becoming more and more conscious of our relationship with nature and our need to preserve it, one of the ways that we can reflect on this relationship is through the medium of art.  We do this either by making the artworks or looking at them. Artists are drawn to a variety of aspects of nature, from the vastness of landscapes to the detail of a dragonfly’s wing. Nature has inspired artists for thousands of years.

The next exhibition to be hosted by Artyli is “EarthSong” where a variety of artists will show works highlighting their personal response with the natural world and we hope that you will enjoy engaging with these works.

“EarthSong” is a group exhibition which will be opened on the 5 November 2022 at the Artyli.com Gallery in Nelson Mandela Square Mall by ceramic artist and lecturer Eugene Hön, who currently runs the Fada Gallery at the University of Johannesburg. The artists exhibiting are John Moore, Sally Whines, Ingrid Uys and Love Art Ceramics. We will also be privileged to host musician and visual artist Daniel Stompie Selibe, who will bring a cacophony of beautiful African sounds to us through a performance of music which will include flute, percussion and voice.

There is a diverse range of works on show from prints to paintings to ceramic objects.  Each artists provides an individual response to their engagement with the natural environment.  John Moore makes prints of South African wildlife capturing both the natural wonder of our world and hinting at mythological relationships within the animal world. Sally Whines’ paintings reflect her bond with nature and focus on the interconnections found in the natural world.  One of the strongest elements of her paintings is her use of colour. Ingrid Uys uses her paintings as a way to reflect on her experiences and record her memories. Ingrid has become known for her detailed artworks depicting birds in flight.  Love Art Ceramics are inspired by South Africa’s diverse fauna and flora, focusing on the vibrant colours and patterns found in the natural world when creating their ceramic pieces.

Please join us for a glass of wine, a snack while you listen to Daniel Stompie Selibe and be inspired by the diversity of artworks on exhibition!  – Artyli Gallery

Artwork Available

John Moore

Ingrid Uys

Sally Whines

Love Art Ceramics

Daniel Stompie Selibe

Anton Smit

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