Exhibition – African Limited Edition Prints Series 1

Andrew Ntshabele has continued to inspire the viewer with thoughtful concepts that have been brought to life in his artworks. His skilful and unique interpretation of children, over various backgrounds, engages the audience for more than a moment, with individual interpretations and personal reflections. Ntshabele masterfully weaves his stories, as always, the relationship between background and his skilfully painted images establishes the narrative, for you to discover. Meaning in Andrews work is often created through the juxtaposition of foreground and background.

In the “Unspeakable Joy” series, children dance over the news of the day, oblivious to the circumstances of 2020. These pieces have become a reminder to live, even during complex times. Painted in mixed media over contemporary newsprint, Unspeakable Joy 2, continues to inspire.

In the “Room for Hope” series, Andrew reflects on the exponential increase in technology during the Covid-19 pandemic. Andrew Ntshabele’s works are painted in enamel and acrylic on vintage backgrounds, which allows you as the viewer to engage in the narrative of “looking back in time”.

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