Exhibition – Dance of the Counterpoints

“Dance of the Counterpoints” refers to the harmony that is created out of diversity. In music, a counterpoint expresses the harmonic interdependence between two melodic lines, whose rhythm and melodies are different. In dance, the counterpoint refers to two or more choreographic fragments with different use of space, time, and movement, when executed together to create choreographic unity.

“Dance of the Counterpoints” is a group exhibition by Artyli.com Gallery which embraces a diverse selection of artworks by well-known African contemporary artists including William Kentridge, Anton Smit, Andrew Ntshabele, Dion Cupido, Daniel Stompie Selibe, Jeremy Franklin, Joao Lideira, and Bevan de Wet amongst others.

Where the skill and creativity of a group of individual artists intersect, there is an instinctive dance of corresponding harmony- a counterpoint.

“Dance of the Counterpoints” opens on the 29th of January and runs until 6 March 2022.

Artwork Available

Andrew Ntshabele

Anton Smit

Bevan De Wet

Charmain Haines

Daniel “Stompie” Selibe

Dion Cupido

Joao Ladiera

Ludumo Maqabuka

Nico Londos van Rensburg

Sally Whines

Sanusi Olatunji

Shelley-Anne Graham

Solomon Omogboye

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