Mobile App Launch

There is an increase in the demand in art from Africa. Viewing and buying art in the era of the 4th industrial revolution is exciting. By harnessing technology to open the global art market for both artists and collectors maximises the exposure for contemporary African art.

Keeping in line with advancing technology,, have created their own app. You can download the app free on google play store or apple iTunes.  Download the app, when visiting one of our exhibitions, scan the QR code next to the artwork, and have immediate access to the artwork, info on the artist, the selling price, as well as immediate access to an online purchase. Our app will keep a record of all the artwork you scan, so you can refer to it, whenever you need to. You will be able to subscribe to our newsletter on the app, if you would like to keep in touch with us.

You can also use this cool app for any other scanning you may need to do. Our app is free, and has no annoying ads running on it.

It’s a cool tool, download it now!

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