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Product Information:

Size: 153 x 120 cm
Medium: Acrylic/Enamel
Year: 2020

“Be still 3” depicts a little boy dressed in bright pajama pants, running towards the onslaught of news headlines of the day. Andrew Ntshabele captures socio-political themes in his artworks: “Recently I have started to look on the brighter side of life. There is a good and joyous side to Johannesburg, from the friendly and sometimes comical ways street vendors go about selling their goods.  I notice and internalize humorous interactions people have with each other in taxi ranks and on the streets and how  children play on the streets and the high-rise flats they call home. I balance my work with a positive outlook and the realities faced in the inner-city of Johannesburg. This new found balance has produced increased passion and love for my work,” says Andrew.

Buying a limited edition print by Andrew Ntshabele is a great way to acquire his artwork at affordable prices and serve as an addition to your art collection. Limited-edition prints enable new art collectors to kick off their collection without breaking the bank and in time these prints may become sought after collectors’ items.

Our limited-edition prints come with a certificate of authenticity containing important information such as name of artist,  artwork, size, signature as well as the print edition number. Each giclee print is masterfully processed under the strictest conditions to produce a world class product, supplied and delivered anywhere in the world within ten working days.

Andrew NtshabeleTop SellerTrio Umoyo

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    Your limited edition print will be delivered, with a certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by the artist and will be delivered to you within 10 working days. 
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