There is a shaking in society 7

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Product Information:

Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 147 x 103 cm
Year: 2020

2020 saw Andrew Ntshabele’s artworks climb to new heights of success. His recent mixed media works depicting mostly children on collaged backgrounds continue to inspire. The backdrops are created from news headlines, full newspaper articles or other images that illustrate our rapidly changing society. Every generation faces unique challenges, yet with vitality and innocence, children have the ability to extend hope and enthusiasm to all who may have lost vision or a zest for life.  In “There is a shaking in society 7” the little girl with braided hair conveys a sense of regaining her breath and regrouping her thoughts before taking the next step. 

Buying a limited-edition print by Andrew Ntshabele is a great way to acquire his art at an affordable price and add to your art collection. Limited-edition prints also are enable new art collectors to kick off their collection. In time these prints may become desirable collectors’ items. Previously, limited-edition prints were erroneously seen as “cheap copies” of artworks and not worth investing in. Collectors are discovering more and more that limited edition prints have their role to play in any art collection.’s limited-edition prints are delivered with a certificate of authenticity containing important information such as name of artist, name of artwork, size of limited edition print, signature of artist and the print edition number. Each giclee print is masterfully processed under the strictest conditions to produce a world class quality product and delivered anywhere in the world within ten working days.


Andrew NtshabeleArtistMixed MediumTrio Umoyo

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    Your limited edition print will be delivered, with a certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by the artist and will be delivered to you within 10 working days. 
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