Indlela Yaziwa Ngumhambi Wayo (Framed)

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Product Information:

Size: 106 x 125 cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2021
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Banele’s typical bold and colourful painterly surfaces have captured the attention of both local and international art lovers and investors alike. Commenting on current socio-economic issues and celebrating the overcoming spirit of his people, Banele’s artworks always astound the viewer. 

“Indlela Yaziwa Ngumhambi Wayo” details three men striding towards an unseen goal with super-hero determination. This is not by accident as Banele has recently achieved exactly that in his community. He empowers those less fortunate in his community by opening a car-wash facility and creating employment. With the earnings, his Covid-wacked workers can now pay for their school fees and other daily essentials that would otherwise be impossible.

Banele NjadayiCaptcha Colour

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