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Product Information:

Medium: Ceramic
Size: 32 cm

Living and working in Nieu Bethesda, I continue to explore my ongoing fascination for Ancient Cultures, African Artifacts and Medieval Iconic Art which embodies a broad interest in the history of art and craft from ancient to industrial.

The natural Karoo environment plays an integral part in my day to day source of inspiration. It continues to be a place of extremes where the weather has a major influence creating an awareness of both life and death where small things matter.

I’m surrounded by the evidence that the Karoo was once an ancient sea. Fish and birds have always been part of my iconography. Together with my portraits, they’ve become autobiographical design elements that repeat

The vessel was slip-cast using white earthenware clay. The design is then carved and incised into the surface. The surface is then treated with oxides and glazed in certain areas.

ArtistCharmaine HainesSounds in Solitude

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