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Product Information:

Print material: Canvas
Size: 53 x 80 cm, 67 x 100 cm, 80 x 120 cm
Medium: Limited Edition Giclée Print

I am I because you are you’ was painted from the artist’s personal memory of a time, whilst under chemotherapy, her senses were heightened. She perceived darks to be darker, lights were lighter and brighter. Cancer is a journey for one. However, much support is offered, this walk is meant for only one. The vertical line symbolises a time frame, a pause, a time to take a deep breath and be hugely grateful. The line exposes the underpainting, predominantly red, exposing the most vulnerable inner self.
“I am I because you, Mother Earth, are you …. I am a mere reflection of a greater source, when she is hurting so am I, as she heals so will I.” Jane Digby

ArtistBeach SceneBeat CancerBlue SkiesExpressionisticFighting CancerHeartland RecountedJane DigbyJourneysLandscapeOvercomingPaintingPeacefulReflectiveSeascapesSoulfulSouth AfricanTimelineVista

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