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Product Information:

Year: 2019
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 123 × 102 cm
Shipping: This piece will be shipped, rolled up in a tube, unless otherwise requested.

Urban artist, Luduma Maqabuka has developed a signature style which is influenced by the contemporary iconography of city subcultures, originating from a variety of commercial and underground cultures such as pop, cyber, comics, and hip-hop. His signature style embraces abstract expressionism as a painting process, where there is a freedom in the use of paint, where the process of painting is art. Combined with the influences of contemporary graffiti which has its roots in vandalism of the 1970`s, where artists created images and messages sprayed onto walls and buildings in public spaces. There is an older cultural heritage of creating artwork in public spaces, on public walls, which is our African heritage of Khoisan rock art. Maqabuka amalgamates these ideas into his works, combined with his painting process, a juxtaposition of graffiti images against painterly surfaces, results in a unique, contemporary and vibrant body of works.

In “Lone Warrior” Maqabuka, says that”, We all go through personal struggles and at that time all you have is you. “the hardest walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest, lone wolf”

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