Breakfast in Bed 2 (Framed)

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Product Information:

Size: 112 x 82 cm
Medium: Mixed Media Framed Behind Glass
Year: 2018
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“Breakfast in bed” by Lynette van Tonder, celebrates common threads that bind women together rather than what brings division. Perfect for a progressive modern home ‘Breakfast in bed’ by Lynette van Tonder, invites harmony due to her method and metaphor of sewing things together. Connecting lines map a vivacious figure with thin strands of sewn and stitched thread as archetypes of the original role of a ‘respectable’ woman. In “Breakfast in bed” Lynette van Tonder observes that, irrespective of political or social status, people are driven by the basic need for love, compassion and community. From sex-workers to nurses, women habitually rise early to generate, source and create breakfast for their loved ones, which is why dreaming of  “Breakfast in bed” may be the pinnacle metaphor for being cherished and safely belonging. The feminine figure in the artwork has angel wings made out of maps printed onto paper, torn off, repositioned and restitched dispelling overly sentimental notions of the existence of perfect relationships. However, the map on an old unused coffee filter suggests human potential to dream and thereby being content. Van Tonder’s use of cartography is analogical for spatial, emotional, relational and spiritual journeys.   

Captcha ColourLynette Van Tonder

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