Infinity and Beyond (Framed)

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Product Information:

Year: 2020
Medium: Mixed Media, Framed Behind Glass
Size: 78 x 48 cm
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Lynette van Tonder explores identity and belonging in her series of artworks: ‘Fragments’. Working from the artist hub of Nugget Square, Lynette walked the circumference, creating a performance art piece ‘ FRAGMENTS’  video taped by Alexa Fujino.  The artist interrogates what it means to belong, here, in a city undergoing rapid urban decay and millions of homeless people, or anywhere else, for that matter. This work, ‘Infinity and Beyond’ showcases courage, strength and overcoming hard socio-political issues in a harsh but wonderful city.

Lynette van Tonder’s mark making is expressionistic, combining fragments of beautiful feminine items using methods such as stitching, printing and painting with street grids, bitumen and shellac.


AbstractAfricanContemporaryArtBelongingCaptcha ColourCartographyFemaleArtistIdentityLynette Van TonderMappedSouthAfricanArtist

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