Lessons in flight (Framed)

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Product Information:

Year: 2021
Medium: Acrylic and Oil, Drypoint and Digitally Printed Maps onto Silk and Flag Material, Sewing by Machine and by Hand, Glue, Gold Leaf, Masonite Board
Size: 52 x 69 cm
Frame: Kiaat wooden frame
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“Lessons in flight” depicts a narrative of courage and hope being stronger than set back. In this work the figure is set to rise like a mythological Phoenix from surrounding turbulence, encouraged by over comers.

Created in mixed media on board. Lynette’s use of literal and suggested maps (series: Cartographic Threads) is an analogy for existence. Cartography is the art of depicting an area in such a way that anyone may comprehend to some extent, its shape, size and  dimensions.  Reaching a desired destination in a given space of time is subject to the accuracy of major landmarks, directions and crossings. It is also dependent on ‘finding yourself in the grid’.

In a rapidly changing urbanized, post-colonialist world, almost every “landmark” is contentious. Losing one’s way from time to time, is a foregone conclusion. Evident distress present in the work is intentional and represents the present palimpsest culture.

Materials used; downloaded city maps of, emotional maps, graphically manipulated, etched, stitched and digitally printed, distressed and reassembled on board.

Captcha ColourCartographicThreadsFemaleArtistLynette Van TonderMixedMediaArtSouthAfricanArtistSouthAfricanPainterStitchedArt

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