Rooi Els 1 – The surface of things

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Product Information:

Print material: Canvas
Size: 60 x 40 cm (x3), 80 x 52 cm (x3), 100 x 65.5 (x3)
Medium: Limited Edition Giclée Print

Painted in acrylic, naturally sourced pigments on top of glued down African cotton wax printed textiles, this series of O’Donovan’s paintings are both arresting and pleasing. Capitalising on the surprising successful collaboration between Dutch and African creativity in a time of conflict, Mark adds his personal local commentary to current socio-political landscapes. Exquisite from a distance, life and energy permeating from the scene, the artwork lures you in. As focus is pulled, mark making is noticably more and more crass and messy. Ambiguity is captured honestly and beautifully, reflecting the complexity of the South African story written on the land.

Triptych = x3 panels
Print Size 1: 60cm x 40cm (x3) Total Triptych size 69cm x 120cm
Print Size 2: 80cm x 52cm (x3) Total Triptych size 80cm x 156cm
Print Size 3: 100cm x 65.5cm (x3) Total Triptych size 100cm x 196.5cm

African Wax printArtistBeautifulBrightCape ProvinceCape TownCollaborationColourfulHeartland RecountedInformal SettlementLand reformMark O'DonovanPaintingSouth African LandscapeSpurh African artTriptych

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