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Product Information:

Size: 130 x 130 cm
Medium: Acrylic on Round Canvas
Year: 2021
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This effervescent portrait makes use of robust impasto colours to render myriads of reflections of light off human skin. Typically, Omogboye’s larger than life portraits capture a universe of expressions in one glance. The bold style and palette captures an irresistible beauty that has collectors coming back time and again. The artist’s application of fast drying acrylic paint on canvas by means of old credit cards allows for extreme control. Solomon applies contrasting bursts of colour with a marked confidence which has become his signature mark making.

The eyes of his subject gazing directly at the viewer with unthreatening allure, Omogboye intrigues any viewer to investigate further. If a word were to be uttered, what would it be? A mystique is evident in this artwork as in the world famous ‘Mona Lisa’. The portrait is both challenging and inviting. Should a challenge be suspected due to the undaunted gaze, there is the hint of a smile in the turn of the lips, changing the gaze from approval to acceptance to questioning.

Solomon Omogboye says of his art practice in general “My paintings are reflections of my thoughts, inspiration and ideas. They are my own continuous learning curve … the only perfection is imperfection which is to be appreciated for what it is.”

Captcha ColourSolomon Omogboye

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