In Moment Series III

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Product Information:

Medium: GRP/Bronze
Size: 96 x 75.5 x 55 cm
POA: Price on application.

In Moment Series III

Being in the moment can be described as a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, which has the ability to bring the human mind to a state of complete and utter tranquillity. Internationally renowned sculptor Anton Smit explores this concept of living in the moment with  “In Moment III”, which is available in either a GRP or a bronze sculpture.

Being able to sculpt a state of being in such a powerful manner requires a deep connection of the artist with the message. “In moment III” shows the dexterity and sensitivity with which Smit sculpts; he portrays a female figure focused on meditation. As the viewer, we are invited to engage with the concept of a present moment and are ourselves lost in a moment. 

Anton often connects his work to poetry; 

 “ A line between empowered 

and defeat,

of real honesty, 

and if you want,



A moment of free-fall

and endless ending ours, 

there to be chosen”

– M Sallinger 

Anton SmitDance of the CounterpointsInto the LightNelson Mandela Square

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