Broken Angel Wing

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Product Information:

Year: 2021
Medium: Mixed media with Acacia thorns
Size: 90 x 93 cm
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This piece was created as a response to a deep loss as explained by the artist “I cut up white raw canvas and re-joined the pieces to create a sense of feathers. I added acacia thorns, a metaphor to explain the sense of loss I was feeling.”  The work generates a strong sense of contrast between the soft canvas that is frayed and layered and the hard acacia thorns.  A feeling of movement and flight is created through the curving composition and although it was created at a time of immense pain there is a sense that the softness of the canvas ‘feathers’ will flow over the pain of the thorns.

mixed mediaStreams of DreamsThe Stories In BetweenToni Ann Ballenden

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