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Product Information:

Medium: GRP/Bronze
Size: 169.5 x 37 x 32.8 cm
POA: Price on application.


The exquisite versatility of bronze in sculpture allows for sculpturer Anton Smit to create monumental works of art that can convey the finest of details. Smit’s masterpiece, “But-I-Fly” is an exquisite portrayal of the infinite possibilities that come with working with bronze.

Smit hypnotizes his viewers by conveying the tiptoed female figure in brilliantly blue united fragments. The carefully thought out, almost geometric segmentation of the figure is seemingly perfect, and in all her postural power unites with a liberated vulnerability to create a sculpture that is more spirit than human.

Anton Smit is internationally revered for his overwhelming heads, his monumental African sculptures, and his profound ability to convey human emotion through the human figure. Smit believes that “Man emulates and assimilates nature, producing poetry in word and form.” It is this obsession with the artistic possibilities of the human being that drives his passion for sculpture.

A work of such a divine nature is not something you see every day. Add this piece to your collection before it’s too late, as there are only 3 still available in the edition.

Anton SmitBut I FlyDance of the CounterpointsInto the LightNelson Mandela Square

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