Calling the Rain and Its Creatures

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Product Information:

Year: 2010
Medium: Copperplate Etching
Size: 245 x 146 x 4 cm
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This artwork depicts the mythological San legend of the rain creature which if you can capture it, will bring rain to a dry area of land. In this image, the rain creature is a giraffe. The giraffe has a unique perspective of the world, due to its height, it can see far and wide and this allowing it to see into different realities and realms.

In the Legend, in order to capture the rain creature, the San would enter a trance state and tie red thread to its nose and lead it to the area that needed rain, in this way the rain creature moves beyond the mystical world into the physical world, where precious, quenching rain falls to the earth bringing abundance and growth. The patterning indicates that which is magical, or that which transcends.

This work took over 6 months to complete and countless pins to scratch the detail in the work.

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