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Product Information:

Year: 2021
Medium: Mixed Media on Music Score
Size: 130 x 95 cm
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With works of such immense beauty, it is not difficult to believe that Andrew Ntshabele’s latest exhibition, “Encounters II” is receiving widespread attention. Undoubtedly, his distinctive collage art pieces are an investment that will transform any living space into a place of unprecedented joy. As Ntshabele rises to international acclaim, owning one of his masterpieces is not an opportunity you want to miss out on. Contact us today to secure your very own Ntshabele!


With perfect touches of black and white paint, “Encounters 8” combines a still, painted figure pondering outwards, with a background collaged in vintage sheet music. The exploration of time created through the emergence of a contemporary child juxtaposed with a referenced bygone era is what lies at the center of Ntshabele’s focus for this work and for the “Encounters II” series. There is something quite powerful about an encounter between the past and the present. It allows for introspection and opens the door toward personal dialogue and contemplation. Ntshabele’s brilliant understanding of the metaphorical power of children, allows him to create works that take viewers into a place of deep questioning as they review their own pasts, what it meant to be a child then, and what it means to be a child now. As in “Encounters 8”, Ntshabele’s motif of the young African girl, utilizes this metaphor in the most endearing way.


Not many have the privilege of being able to say, “I own an Ntshabele”, so make this statement your own by visiting our gallery based in Nelson Mandela Square to secure your very own masterpiece. We are open daily between 9am and 6pm. 

Andrew NtshabeleSold

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