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Product Information:

Year: 2021
Medium: Mixed Media on Vintage Maps
Size: 226.5 x 183 cm
Shipping: Shipping prices will be determined by whether the artwork is shipped framed or unframed.

A piece so exquisite, fresh out of Andrew Ntshabele’s latest solo exhibition, “Encounters II”, is not to be missed out on. “Encounters 9” continues to convey the exhibition’s explorative themes of transition; from the past to the present, and the complexities that come with the moulding of a bygone era with contemporary society.

Ntshabele has created contemplative artwork, using his recurring theme of children,  which symbolise current and future generations. The older child stands hand in hand, with a younger child, as they gaze into the past, their backs facing the viewer. By collaging vintage world maps in the background, Ntshabele creates a wonder within the children, as they seem to ponder that which is in the past. Deeply symbolic of an evaluation of the past, “Encounters 9” evokes feelings of enquiry and fascination within the ever-changing times we live in.

Andrew Ntshabele carries a beautiful optimism that allows him to set aside the realities of a bygone segregated society, and depict the beauty that exists despite the turmoil. He is well known for his beautiful juxtapositions of joyful emotion against the backdrop of serious socio-economic issues. His emotive artworks are quickly gaining international recognition, so visit our gallery at Nelson Mandela Square anytime between 9am and 6pm or purchase online,  to secure your one-of-a-kind investment.


Andrew NtshabeleDance of the Counterpoints

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