Flamboyant Souls

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Product Information:

Year: 2023
Medium: Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas
Size: 122 x 224 x 4 cm
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Sibiya represents the rich cultural heritages present in Africa. In this artwork, entitled “Flamboyant Souls,” which is from his more recent series of works, Sibiya captures the inherent beauty of stylish people from his community. He takes inspiration from traditional printmaking methods, local wallpapers, and African textiles. These inspirations are skillfully portrayed on intricate and lush backgrounds using acrylic and charcoal in this sizable painting. Sibiya’s artwork delves into the identities of individual or small groups of individuals and explores the various subcultures within South Africa. Through his distinctive visual language, Bambo Sibiya engages in a conversation about the cross-continental traditions and their inherent diversities.



AcrylicAfrican Contemporary ArtBambo SibiyaCharcoalReflecting ForwardRoots to Wings

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