Ghetto Villain

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Product Information:

Medium: Ink / charcoal & aerosol on fabriano paper
Size: 147 x 118 cm
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With gangsterism rife in the ghetto, graffiti is how rival gangs mark their territory or intended activity. Although illegal, graffiti is now considered a serious form of art amongst many practitioners and is also a form of expression among countless voiceless people. Standing proud of the clouded wording in the background, the viewer is given a glimpse into the soul of a man, who is also the ‘villain’. Is the expression questioning, accusatory, acknowledging, or contemptuous? Dressed in a suit and boasting a modern haircut, the lucrative rewards of his trade, this one looking over his shoulder could be a brother, son, father, friend or foe

ArtistI am because we areLudumo MaqabukaMixed MediumUrban Inscriptions

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