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Product Information:

Size: 54 x 87 cm
Medium: 3/10, Lithograph Mono
Year: 2019

Created as a lithography print on Fabriano paper, Nathi Ndlandla used a single, dark hue to create his emotive tree scape, titled “Greener Pastures’.  A small herd of sheep grazing in the foreground, in front of a leafless tree forms the focal point of Nathi’s visual. Just a little further the artist portrays a dark, leaf-covered tree; possibly the venue where ‘greener pastures’ may be had.  The intentional dark shades used in portraying this section of the work becomes a poetic metaphor that the grass in NOT always greener on the other side, as one would like to believe. In addition to a beautiful print, Nathi Ndlandla has masterfully woven a thought provoking narrative into his landscape.

Artists ProofNathi NdlandlaTop SellerUmzansi Umoya

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    Printed in South Africa with love ♥
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