Inyawo Zinodaka (Feet Muddy)

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Product Information:

Year: 2020
Medium: Mixed Medium
Size: 70 x 100 cm
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Banele Njadayi combines soft pastel and oil paint on canvas to create a word painting. Inyawo Zinodaka or, muddy feet, metaphorically describes one who has been through many trials in life. Compliant with a mask, blue knitted beanie and matching overalls, ‘Muddy feet’ is either commuting to, or from work; one of the more fortunate aspects of his existence. Urgent hand written text moves in and out of focus with one extract in maroon asking: ‘where did it hurt?’ Other smudged phrases in gritty browns and greys address his daily struggles such as housing, safety, crime, limited communal water supply, and migration impressed onto the canvas like a collection of sticky dirt with the proud image of ‘Inyawo Zinodaka’s’ feet peddling up a blur.

ArtistBanele NjadayiI am because we areMixed Medium

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