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Product Information:

Year: 2022
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 140.5 x 244 x 2 cm
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 Daniel is both a musician and an artist. “ Life is Beautiful ”, a large engaging artwork invites the viewer into a space where auditory and visual elements harmonize on a singular canvas. Daniel explains that music plays an essential part in the inspiration and creation of a piece of art; it begins with listening to music and using the process of musical improvisation that is free-spirited and without boundaries, allowing many possibilities through both play and expression.

Recently his work has been a representation of how he has experienced Lockdown. ”It has sheltered me as well as meaning that in my deepest thoughts and feelings I have felt deep wells of loss, of missing all the people and more that has been lost because of the pandemic The COVID isolation has meant living more with my own, and our own, shadows as well as with our own imaginations and our ideas about new possibilities. COVID 19 has highlighted for me how we need to find new ways of living life together, of leaving our deepest shadows and fears behind us. All of us need to learn to change what we know, to create new possibilities for our shared world and as well as our own, within that. The work represents a new beauty within COVID 19, to see the opportunity to have life as making art, making new meaning about ourselves and our lives together and exploring how to work, live and create together as a people and communities. “ – Daniel Stompie Selibe

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