Masithembele ‘nkosini (Lets trust in the Lord)

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Product Information:

Size: 110 x 68 cm
Medium: Charcoal on Canvas
Year: 2020
Shipping: This piece will be shipped, rolled up in a tube, unless otherwise requested.

I was reminded that only God can save us from this Pandemic and it is him that will help us through this difficult time be it financially or in health. In this work a man is seen standing by a street corner holding a stop sign pole looking on what appears to be a cross on pavement. He is praying and asking God for help to find strength and protection and for finances over this pandemic. When I did this work I as troubled by the fact that many people especially those who are poor will suffer the most during this time and I was reminded of the scripture in Psalms 124:8 which says “Our help is in the name of the Lord and maker of heaven and earth”

ArtistBanele NjadayiResetThe Emergence Collection

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