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Product Information:

Year: 2021
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 130 x 111 cm
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Ludumo Maqubuka is an urban contemporary artist,  whose unique painterly style incorporates a graffiti element infusing one’s visual sense with the bold, colorful and often noisy elements synonymous with city life. Superimposed and yet embedded into the abstracted surfaces that Maqabuka creates, a portrait emerges. This combination of elements becomes uniquely recognizable as a “Maqabuka”

Ludumo Maqabuka involves authentic storytelling in his works. In “Modern Traditionalist” Maqabuka speaks about the contemporary woman in a modern lifestyle, yet is still in touch with her culture and traditions. In a traditional celebration, such as a wedding, the modern traditionalist may wear a  iSicholo, which is a hat worn by a married  Zulu woman. The modern traditionalist stands in two worlds, embracing both as she makes her way forward forging a new identity.

AfriconicDance of the CounterpointsLudumo MaqabukaLudumo Maqabuka AfriconicSold

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