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Product Information:

Year: 2023
Medium: Mixed Media on Basotho Blanket
Size: 227 x 179 cm
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“Mohlomongwe Ba Tla Robala” directly translated means “ Maybe, they’ll rest in peace”

This artwork reflects on the memory of Marikana Massacre. Thoka combines prison blankets with painting and includes a found object (the shirt) that has been sewn onto the surface. The individual meaning assigned to the prison blanket, flowers, numbers, photographic images, and the shirt commemorates the memory of Marikana without glorifying or awakening the wounds caused by the so-called democracy. The continued use of the landscape by Thoka holds to a saying he uses “The earth knows the truth”. Thoka`s landscapes become silent witnesses to historical incidents, which may have been described with bias in the past.

African AlchemyAfrican Contemporary ArtBasotho BlanketsFrans ThokaOriginal Artwork

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