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Product Information:

Year: 2022
Medium: Limited Edition Giclee Print
Print material: Canvas
Size: 90cm x 60cm
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Ludumo Maqabuka` s powerful artwork, “Ndidiniwe” explores social issues related to women. Sade’s ‘Soldier of love’ video inspired the image as an embodiment for standing for women and children’s rights. Ludumo’s use of  contrasting soft, feminine colours with stark black and white graphics depicting the figure compels deeper investigation into the artwork. As an Urban artist Maqabuka brings the idea of city grit and graffiti into his studio, which creates engaging abstract backgrounds which when juxtaposed against figurative images results in engaging, contemporary artwork.

Buying a limited edition print is a great way to acquire his art at an affordable price and add to your art collection. Limited edition prints also are enable new art collectors to kick off their collection. In time these prints may become desirable collectors’ items. Previously, limited edition prints were erroneously seen as “cheap copies” of artworks and not worth investing in. Collectors are discovering more and more that limited edition prints have their role to play in any art collection.

Artyli.com’s limited edition prints are delivered with a certificate of authenticity containing important information such as name of artist, name of artwork, size of limited edition print, signature of artist and the print edition number. Each Artyli.com giclee print is masterfully processed under the strictest conditions to produce a world class quality product and delivered anywhere in the world within ten working days.

Limited Edition PrintLudumo Maqabuka

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