No need to hide when my feelings are my guide

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Product Information:

Medium: Limited Edition Giclée Print
Size: 100 x 45 cm, 150 x 60 cm, 200 x 80 cm
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Inspired by oil spills on tarmac, the rainbow reflections on man-made fossil fuel waste surfaces are “accidentally” created on canvas by spilling a vast array of mixed media, from newspaper collage (the angel or bird like wings) to toxic paint cleaners, all over the canvas and allowed to do its chemical magic. The oval around the centre is framed by a Weeping Willow vine sewn onto the canvas and dried to shape. It frames a short story written by the artist that spirals around the centre towards the middle, like a TS Elliot poem of things falling apart. The story is about a personal take on life, on birth, on leaping into participating in that life, of risks, of life over death, of limitlessness with responsibilities.

AbstractNikodemis Van RensburgTop Seller

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