Peace pipe

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Product Information:

Medium: Charcoal / aerosol & acrylic on brown paper
Size: 67 x 63 cm
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The use of cultural iconographies such as the Xhosa pipe, hat, and clothing portray the dilemma of many cultural practices currently threatened by modern trends. The graffiti in the background is projected over her rendering her a figment of the artist’s imagination. She appears to dissolve as if she is no longer part of this world and her memory already fading away. The subtle use of red writing in the background could allude to the tumultuous history of the Xhosa tribe. The title ‘Peace pipe’ and her quizzical expression enforce the debate of how the old and the new will co-exist in days to come, leaving behind only her prayer for peace and goodwill.

ArtistI am because we areLudumo MaqabukaMixed MediumUrban Inscriptions

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