Study for Hadron Collider e.v.4/6 (Framed)

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Product Information:

Year: 2014
Size: 124 x 70 cm
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This figure is inspired by the large particle collider, which is used in the formation of new larger particles when particles, such as protons, are collided once accelerated to near light speed. This work is a fictional imagining of a figurative being that might be formed as the result of this process. It becomes an ambiguous otherworldly being made up of pulses, light beams, and chemical reactions. The body is deconstructed into topographical map-like planes, like a new imaginary landscape, which draws attention to our shifting relationship to the landscape and the structures we impose on it. Engaging with ideas around construction, architecture, and notions of progress, the work seeks to create a new mythological imagining of our environment.

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