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Product Information:

Year: 2022
Medium: Oil on fabriano/acetate/tracing paper sculptural painting, framed behind art (non-reflective) glass
Size: 49 x 37 x 5 cm
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My constant theme of Fragile Time and Fleeting Moments and impermanence developed into
this new concept of beauty in chaos. Delving deeper and exploring more intensely, the absolute
wonder of a single moment, this intriguing and fascinating dimension was revealed. In a very
overwhelming time, a new depth was brought to light. Aiming to capture this, I started to explore
this visual interpretation of translucent layers and new surfaces. Every layer changing the one
beneath, creating more depth, not so much hiding what’s beneath, but rather making it come to
These sculptural paintings not only represent moments captured in time, it deepens and
becomes a metaphor for my experience as [and being] a
woman/mother/wife/sister/daughter/friend/artist. Everything, all at once, all the time, a chaotic
beauty. There is a deeper depth to me, my identity, to my perspective, my view of the world.
Sometimes this chaos is overwhelming, but it is mostly what gives my life meaning.

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