The Colourful Swan

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Product Information:

Year: 2018
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 130 x 110 cm
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Using the metaphor of dance to enter the world of limitlessness imagination, Omogboye uses opaque, contrasting colours to bring the image to life. Capturing the cast of warm light on the legs and background of the work, the artists draws the ballerina out of the plethora of darker marks with bright yellows, apricot colours and pinks.

Solomon invites the viewer to: close your eyes; see the world. Lose yourself; find your fate. Consider the good; delete the bad. Leave the present; feel the past. Dance on the moon; feel the breeze; touch the stars. Run free. Dream.

ArtistDance of the CounterpointsResetSoldSolomon Omogboye

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