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Product Information:

Year: 2023
Medium: Mixed Media on Basotho Blanket
Size: 200 x 253 x 3.5 cm
Frame: Stretcher frame.
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Txe Kopana di a Kopana, directly translated means Those who we meet.  ” Frans Thoka, creates artwork onto Basotho blankets and prison blankets, both which hold meaning in very different ways. Combining meaning with art making and storytelling from Frans Thoka`s formative years where he grew up in Limpopo allow him to create unusual , bold artworks, which are insightful.

“ These works are rendered in a black medium, paint and charcoal in some areas. When I begin an artwork, I start with the charcoal and the go in with the paint. These artworks don’t come from any reference out there, they come straight from my head. The landscapes speak of childhood memories and issues to do with land” Frans`s works speaks of the memories of growing up, working the land with his grandmother. When they were tired, they would rest under a tree, and share stories. These landscapes are memories of these stories. The land remains held in time and the stories in our life are fluid changing between each chapter.

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