Unspeakable Joy 6

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Product Information:

Print material: Canvas
Size: 113 x 72 cm
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Andrew Ntshabele’s exquisite  artwork ‘Unspeakable Joy 6’ is now available in Limited Edition prints.  “Unspeakable Joy 6” portrays a young girl reaching for something currently out of reach.  The background is made up from the vintage music score composed in 1898 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Coleridge-Taylor) by the young British composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. Coleridge-Taylor, of mixed race, was nick-named by American followers as the “African Mahler.” With this artwork Ntshabele continues to challenge the viewer to reach higher, and live life to the maximum not daunted by surrounding problems.

A beautiful blend of content, colour and composition, the original artwork on canvas “Unspeakable Joy 6” was sold as soon as it was first exhibited.  In time this Limited Edition Print may become desirable collectors’ items. Collectors are discovering more and more that limited edition prints have their role to play in an art collection.  Artyli.com’s Limited Edition Prints come with a certificate of authenticity containing important information: name of artist, name of artwork, size of limited edition print, signature of artist and print edition number. Each Artyli.com giclee print is masterfully processed under the strictest conditions to produce a world class quality product.

Andrew Ntshabele

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