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Product Information:

Size: 122 x 85 cm
Medium: Mixed Medium
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Banele Njadayi renders a deferential depiction of a washerwoman at work. The artist uses the coolness of a brightly painted blue wall to contrast the red headdress. He compositionally compliments this with a red bucket in the foreground to highlight his subject. Njadayi employs an easy uncomplicated style to tell a seemingly simple story. On closer inspection much more than a daily township scene is relayed. Doing the laundry without nearby running water is an epic undertaking and if space is limited, dirt and sand can be a constant threat. The artwork also reveals that she is not doing her own household laundry but evident from the blue overalls bulging from the many buckets, she is probably running a small laundry business to support her household.

ArtistBanele NjadayiBanele Njadayi AfriconicI am because we areMixed MediumSold

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