Wild Horse 3

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Product Information:

Size: 37.5 x 24 x 10 cm
Medium: Welded Found Metal
Year: 2020

This series of metal horse sculptures were created from scrap metal that include the metal corners of vintage suitcases. These suitcase corners remind of the enforced transitory lifestyle of millions across the globe who are not able to settle for extended periods of time due to their refugee status. In addition to highlighting the plight of refugees, many non refugees can relate to the instability of a transitory lifestyle because they are forced to live a life out of suitcases to procure a living in a foreign country. Mwanawasa Mawalela explains: My sculptures are created from found materials which I reassemble into artworks as a continued narrative regarding the plight of refugees across the globe. From war-torn areas to fire ravaged areas or people finding themselves temporarily dislodged as a result of the pandemic crisis we are all facing, “Wild Horse 3″ epitomise the impermanent lifestyle many can relate to.

Captcha ColourMwanawasa Mawalela

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